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Grow Your Career. Grow Your Salary.

Lannick Group Salary Reports

Salary Reports Toronto

Grow Your Career. Grow Your Salary.

Discover current Greater Toronto Area salary trends with our industry and role-specific Salary Reports:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • CPA, CA Remuneration
  • Technology

Better Jobs. Better People. Better Fit.

Industry Expertise

Lannick Group is the Greater Toronto Area's premier recruitment and staffing firm specializing in Finance, Accounting and Technology.

Current Pay Rates

The figures are a combination of self-reported changes in full-time salaries and salaries at the time candidates were placed at client companies.

Greater Toronto Area Specific

We have been tracking professionals for more than 30 years. Our full-time research and recruitment teams maintain an extensive proprietary database of more than 150,000 local candidates.

A Trusted Resource

Employers use these Salary Reports to establish role and market-appropriate salaries. Candidates refer to these Salary Reports to set proper expectations when looking to advance in their career.

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